Jayde Ver Elst’s ‘Usu’ Out Now!

A heartwarming sci-fi comedy adventure about a stuffed bunny and his android girl. And also the apocalypse.
A heartwarming sci-fi comedy adventure about a stuffed bunny and his android girl. And also the apocalypse.

Usu, by Jayde Ver Elst

The hillarious sci-fi adventure novella, Usu by South African author Jayde Ver Elst is out now in both print and digital. It’s a really fun book, with plenty of laughs, eye-rolls, and even some feels, so we hope everyone checks it out. Here’s the blurb:

Humans are gone and bloody good riddance to the lot of them. The planet, left barren and lifeless by the long extinct species, has since been inherited by their own creations. Now all that roams the hollow cities and landscapes of man are the various machinations left bestowed with intelligent (or in some cases barely functional) programming, including the likes of janitorial robots, violently affectionate androids, and one very unfortunate stuffed rabbit.

Separated by distance and time, two unlikely soul mates, Usu and Rain have been rekindled by fate only to struggle once again to hold onto their fragile union. To save a friendship that has stretched across lifetimes they must trek across a land as exotic as it is unforgiving, joined in their adventure by cleaning droids, cannibal robots, and holograms from an era long past. Fighting against time, forgotten memories, and their own design at the hands of their former creators, they will find a way to be together forever, at any cost.

‘Usu’ is a heartwarming sci-fi adventure from the mind of South African writer Jayde Ver Elst that tells the tale of two very dear friends; a stuffed rabbit and his android girl.

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About the Author

Jayde Ver Elst is a young South African writer and humorist who got his start with the self-published The Cult of Wensday (and yes, that’s spelled correctly, in Jayde’s own fashion). His work is best described as completely off the wall and whimsical with a tongue planted ever-so-firmly in its cheek, but also explores heartwarming relationships between richly colorful characters.