Here are the current titles available from Bad Dream Entertainment. Check ’em out, we think they’re pretty cool.

Lamella by Max Halper cover art. Illustration by Dolce Paganne.
A strange story of identity, place, and belonging in Max Halper’s ‘Lamella’.
Cosmic horror featuring cults and UFOs, courtesy of Thomas Vaughn’s debut novella.
Laughing at Shadows front cover
A collection of dark humor edited by Brett Reistroffer
Dark Little Dreams Cover
An anthology of dark fiction edited by Brett Reistroffer, representing the first two years of Bad Dream Entertainment.
Usu by Jayde Ver Elst cover
A heartwarming sci-fi comedy adventure about a stuffed bunny and his android girl. And also the apocalypse.
The Tales of Victor Coachman by Birney Reed cover
The first collection of horror and dark contemporary fantasy by Birney Reed.