Laughing at Shadows

Laughing at Shadows front cover
Illustration by Stefan Koidl, design by Rogues Hollow Productions

Edited by Brett Reistroffer

Released 3/2/2020

Reistroffer’s selections are enjoyably varied and run horror’s gamut from vampiric monsters to more psychological chills… Horror fans on the hunt for lighter fare will be pleased.

Publishers Weekly

Twelve Tales of Dark Humor!

Who says you can’t laugh at horror? We’ve all heard of being scared silly, so obviously there’s room between slashings, hauntings, and summonings for a good knee-slapper. And that is exactly were this book of dark-minded but lighthearted short fiction comes in.

If you’ve ever giggled at guts, chuckled at cannibals, or laughed at severed limbs, then this collection of humorously macabre stories might be right up your dark little alley. With twelve tales from some seriously sick and silly writers, it’s guaranteed to tickle your funny bone…if not rip it right out of you.

Authors featured in this anthology include: Skyler Goff, Andrew Johnston, Alyssa Eckles, Santiago Eximeno, Eric J. Guignard, Jeff Strand, George Nikolopoulos, C L Raven, Sean Logan, William West, Brandon Butler, and W. T. Paterson.

Table of Contents

Murder Sandwich – Skyler Goff

Overdue Notice – Andrew Johnston

Bad Dates and Dragons – Alyssa Eckles

The Haunting of Peruvius Corcorant – George Nikolopoulos

It Came from Mail Order – Eric J. Guignard

Captain Pistachio’s Charming Rampage – Jeff Strand

Your Diabolical Baby – Santiago Eximeno

The Night Stockers – Sean Logan

Dying Art – C L Raven

Tea Time – William West

All Aboard! – Brandon Butler

Vlad’s Incorruptible Soul – W. T. Paterson


Softcover Trade Paperback 5.50″x8.5″ MSRP $14.99 ISBN 978-0-9960381-6-4

eBook MSRP $6.99 ISBN 978-0-9960381-8-8

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