Lamella by Max Halper cover art. Illustration by Dolce Paganne.
Lamella by Max Halper. Cover illustration by Dolce Paganne, design by Ia Gabunia.

Releases March 7th, 2022

There’s something wrong with the girl. And everything else…

Mel Lane assumed his life was on the track it was supposed to be: a career with upward movement, a home, a long-term relationship. That is, until he comes home one day to a girlfriend he knows and a child he doesn’t. Stranger still, no one else seems disturbed by the child’s presence—or by its bizarre, inhuman features. Mel is a reasonable man, and he knows there is a reasonable explanation—but once the veil of reality begins to ripple, the world around him becomes something he simply doesn’t understand. Worse yet, it’s becoming very clear that he may never have understood it quite as well as he thought he did.

He knows there are answers, written somewhere on the walls or in the airwaves, but finding them will mean confronting truths about himself and the people around him as he spirals down a rabbit hole of identity and place that will threaten to upend the delicate balance of his life.

A darkly surreal and thought-provoking story, ‘Lamella’ is the debut novella of American author Max Halper.

“Halper’s wonderfully weird debut novella is a powerhouse of intrigue and artistry.”

-Publishers Weekly

“Every page of Max Halper’s Lamella is a dizzying, Nabokovian assault on the very idea of truth. This is not a book for the weak-kneed or the fainthearted; its fractured surface seems continually about to shatter entirely and to expose the scariest, and most unbearable, parts of the human psyche. But somehow, through Halper’s insight and restraint and fortitude, it all holds together, lodging itself like a splinter in the reader’s mind. Extraordinary.”

-David Hollander, author of Anthropica and L.I.E.

“An excellent addition to any library looking to acquire intriguing horror material with broad appeal. Recommend to fans of For Mike, by Shelley Sykes, or The Changeling, by Victor LaValle.”

-Library Journal

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Softcover 5″x8″ ISBN: 978-1-7355829-1-7

Digital (ePub, mobi, PDF) ISBN: 978-1-7355829-2-4