And Now We Wake…

Bad Dream Entertainment is Active Again and Accepting Submissions


From the Editor

BDE has been asleep for two years now, and it’s about time we got busy with some new fiction! I’m looking for material to include in a new anthology of original horror humor, so if you’re a writer check out the submission guidelines page for more information. If you’re a reader then keep your eyes out for some great things in the near future; we’re back and looking to be a hell of a lot more productive going forward. And if you haven’t already, be sure to give our last release, Dark Little Dreams a read; it acts as a good introductory ‘flagship’ title for our brand of dark fiction, and there will be more volumes to come.

Thanks for sticking with us as a new publisher if you’ve picked up our few titles in the past, and also if you’re just now checking us out. I’ve got a lot of exciting things planned for this new phase of Bad Dream and I hope you’ll join the ride.

Brett Reistroffer – Editor/Publisher, Bad Dream Entertainment